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4a - Concepts of Health, Wellbeing and Illness, and the Aetiology of Illness

Concepts of Health, Wellbeing and Illness, and the Aetiology of Illness Index

Author: Dr Iain Crinson (2007)

Revised in 2017 by Lina Martino 


The theoretical perspectives and methods of enquiry of the sciences concerned with human behaviour, Illness as a social role, Concepts of primary and secondary deviance, Stigma and how to tackle it, Disability and handicap, Social and structural iatrogenesis, Role of medicine in society, Explanations for various social patterns and experiences of illness (including differences of gender, ethnicity, employment status, age and social stratification), The role of social, cultural, psychological and family relationship factors in the aetiology of illness and disease, Social capital and social epidemiology. 



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