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Activities - Instructions


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Medical Sociology, Social Policy and Health Economics: Instructions for the Activities


Several activities appear throughout the module, they are designed to encourage students to think beyond the material presented within the module and engage in self-directed learning in the field of the sociology of health and illness.

Words that appear in italics indicate important concepts that require further deliberation - these words re-appear at the end of each section in the Glossary section for self-completion. Definitions can be found in most standard sociological textbooks or a specialist dictionary such as:

  • Abercrombie,N. Hill,S. Turner,B. (2006) Penguin Dictionary of Sociology 5th Edition London. Penguin Books
  • Scott J. (2014) A Dictionary of Sociology 4th Edition Oxford. Oxford University Press
  • Johnson,A. (2000) The Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology: A User's Guide to Sociological Language 2nd Edition Oxford. Blackwell


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