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Video Courses

A range of interactive learning modules are available in the form of audio narratives with animated presentations. They are supported by videos, workbooks and further resources. These modules walk participants through each subject, including 'pause and think' or 'pause and write' sections with feedback from the authors.


  • This video provides a summary of the materials and how they should be used.

Finding and Appraising the Evidence

  • These modules take you through the process of how to find the evidence and then understand how to assess the validity and reliability of the published research in order to provide effective and efficient healthcare.

Learning from Stakeholders

  • This module takes you through why it is important to learn from stakeholders, how to identify them, the methods used to engage them, and how you monitor and evaluate the engagement process.

Obesity Care Pathway Support Package

  • This module is a new interactive resource to support Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in developing, implementing, and evaluating effective obesity care pathways.

Programme Budgeting & Marginal Analysis

  • This module explores the definitions, tools and practical application of Programme budgeting and marginal analysis (PBMA).


  • This module will help the experienced practitioner expand their teaching methods on screening, and it will get the novice up to speed on the evaluation and delivery of screening programmes.

Sustainable Healthcare

  • This module will allow you to explore ways in which you can take action to reduce the impact of climate change to ensure sustainable healthcare.