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The modules in this teaching section cover a variety of different subjects ranging from information and intelligence for commissioners through to undergraduate training and a range of ‘soft skills’ required for an holistic education, such as leadership and management, and collaborative working for health.

Change Management
This module introduces you to tools that will support the planning, implementation, effective communication of managing change.

Collaborative Working for Health
Participants will learn to understand the principles and methods of partnership working and the benefits which collaboration can bring.

Getting the Message Across
Participants will learn effective communication techniques and styles appropriate for a range of audiences.

Health Everyone’s Business
These modules introduce those working in local authority settings to the public health skills that are central to decision making that has positive impacts on health and wellbeing.

Health Service Planning
These modules introduce you to the competencies that will support the commissioning and planning of services, maximising resources and patient outcomes.

Knowledge Management
This module explores the subjects of learning and knowledge, their characteristics, their roles in organisations and in society.

Leadership and Management
This module introduces participants to the key concepts of management and leadership and to tools that will help to motivate and maximise human resources.

Policy and Strategy Development
Participants will understand the strategic context of policy development, its importance and its complexities for organisations when setting their strategies.

Prioritisation and Performance Management
Participants will understand the key elements of strategic thinking, prioritisation and performance management practices.

Programme and Project Management
Participants are introduced to the component parts of programme & project management tools and techniques.

Supporting the Analyst
These modules cover the competencies public health intelligence practitioners require in different organisational settings.

Teaching Public Health for Action
These resources introduce pre-qualification health students to public health so that they understand their potential for improving health beyond treating the individual.