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Epidemiology for Specialists


Welcome to our course on advanced epidemiology. This course will cover measures of effect on populations, standardisation, reducing confounding factors, alternative study designs for specific types of research, evidence based medicine, and epidemic theory.

Learning objectives: This course will cover:

  • Measures of the effect of an exposure.
  • Measures of the burden of morbidity and mortality on populations.
  • Standardisation.
  • Confounding in epidemiological studies.
  • Alternative study designs in epidemiology.
  • Evidence based medicine.
  • Epidemic theory.

Course author: Helen Atherton, Doctoral Researcher, Imperial College London, adapting content originally produced by Maria Kirwan, accessible at .

Reviewed by Paul Scott, Consultant in Public Health & Assistant Director, Public Health Directorate, Bath.

Author and reviewer's competing interests: None declared.