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Rates definitions

Statistics: Definitions of Rates

  • Crude death rate = Number of deaths in a population in a year (x1000)/ mid year population size
  • I.M.R: Infant Mortality Rate = no of deaths in babies aged 0-1 in a year (x 1000)/no. of live births in same year
  • M.M.R: Maternal Mortality Rate = no. of maternal deaths in a year (x 100,000)/no. of live births in year
  • child/woman ratio = children 0-4/Women 15-44 in population
  • C.B.R: Crude Birth Rate = Births in year (x 1000)/Population at mid-year
  • General fertility rate = Birth in year (x 1000)/Women 15-44/49 at mid -year
  • A.S.F.R: Age Specific Fertility Rate = no. of births to women age (x) in a year/ no. of women age (x) at mid year
  • T.F.R: Total Fertility Rate = Sum ASFR x5/1000


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