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Katie Enock

Katie Enock - MSc (Oxon), FFPH, FRSPH, FCIPD: Director – PHAST CIC

Katie Enock is an independent Public Health Consultant working with the UK Department of Health (DH), and many Primary Care Trusts within the National Health Service (NHS).

Katie’s work with the Department of Health is within the ‘Informing Healthier Choices’ Strategy as the lead for workforce capacity and capability. The strategy’s aim is to increase access to and the ability to use information and intelligence in the NHS. Whilst a good proportion of the work is currently aimed at information and intelligence staff in terms of capacity and capability, the strategic objectives include providing resources and training materials for the wider workforce.

With an increasingly deep interest in knowledge and its effective management in organisations, and also its clear links with learning, she was instrumental in creating (2000) the HealthKnowledge learning platform, designed to support the specific training and development needs of public health managers in the NHS and other healthcare stakeholder groups. HealthKnowledge has now been incorporated into ‘Informing Healthier Choices’ and is being grown with a variety of different types of learning modules, Part of Katie’s role in the past has involved the development of ground-breaking collaborative multi-agency public health networks designed, with linkages to nine UK Public Health Observatories, in order to stimulate and support the encouragement of key sectors of the UK population to take more pro-active approaches towards improving and then maintaining their own health.