The UK Faculty of Public Health has recently taken ownership of the Health Knowledge resource. This new, advert-free website is still under development and there may be some issues accessing content. Additionally, the content has not been audited or verified by the Faculty of Public Health as part of an ongoing quality assurance process and as such certain material included maybe out of date. If you have any concerns regarding content you should seek to independently verify this.

About Us


HealthKnowledge was initially created to support the revision process for Public Health Specialist Registrars and Multidisciplinary Specialists, who were taking the Faculty of Public Health Medicine Diploma and Part 1 Membership Examination…but it has now changed dramatically into an holistic public health learning platform.

In 2005 HealthKnowledge became an integral part of the Department of Health's 'Informing Healthier Choices' strategy, resulting in a fully developed learning forum, using different types of learning styles. It supports the continuing and professional development of those working in the fields of health and social care, voluntary organisations and others who wish to increase their public health skills by providing fast and easy access to quality learning materials.

HealthKnowledge is a ‘one stop shop’ that will provide you with all the public health learning materials, whatever your current competency. You will also find more generic management subjects to support the ‘whole person’.

Learning materials on HealthKnowledge

All the resources on HealthKnowledge were written by experts and have undergone thorough quality assurance and the peer review process.

Four different learning styles have been used and individuals and organisations can download the resources to suit their needs. There are PowerPoint slides with teachers' notes or workbooks, there are e-learning and interactive learning modules for the 'lone' learner and there are public health resources on HealthKnowledge that are designed to support those studying for the Part A Faculty of Public Health examination.

All the materials on HealthKnowledge are written as study aids and are not written as 'comprehensive knowledge transfer vehicles'. The aim is for those teaching to use the resources as a basis for training, and the resources have been put together in such a way that they can be modified to include local data and information. Those people using the interactive modules will need to supplement their knowledge with reading as well as seeking out further information from sources and resources that suit their learning styles.