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Jeremy Francis: HR and Organisation Development Consultant


Jeremy works with organisations across all market sectors as a human resource development and organisation development consultant, trainer and executive coach.

With over 35 years of experience in these areas he is now considered to be a thought leader by his clients located all around the world.

Jeremy delivers his expertise to both organisations and individuals in the following ways :

Non-Executive Director

Jeremy sits on the boards of Mid-Sized Corporates and SMEs as a Non-Executive Director. 

See Jeremy’s site for more information.

Executive Coach

Jeremy is a highly experienced coach working with all levels of managers up to and including director level. See Jeremy’s site for more information.

Online Management Development Training

Seeing the need for ongoing personal development for managers Jeremy created to provide valuable people management skills and insights for managers wanting to advance their careers in management and leadership using online courses.
This site is intended for 3 groups of people: 

Those who are about to become managers for the first time
Experienced existing managers looking for help to become better at what they do
HR professionals - those working closely with line managers as business partners, as well as training and development specialists within the HR function 

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Training Material Supplier - Downloadable and Customisable Training Resources

With his enormous experience of designing, creating and delivering world class training materials Jeremy now makes these available via his website

Delivery of Global Training Programs is Jeremy’s flagship service, offering all of his 35 years of experience, and the expertise of a global team of specialists , to create HR development and OD programs for organisations worldwide.