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Hannah Pheasant Oldfield

Hannah Pheasant Oldfield

Public Health Practitioner and Obesity Care Pathway Specialist BSc (Hons) Nutrition, MSc Public Health 

Hannah is a dedicated and accomplished public health practitioner with a specialist interest in nutrition and obesity. She is employed both directly by the NHS & DH and through her consultancy work. She is committed to tackling the obesity epidemic and has invested over 5 years developing and implementing obesity care pathways for the NHS.

See her pioneering obesity care pathway training and support package here on HealthKnowledge.

Her other work has included commissioning weight management interventions for a number of London PCTs, maternal obesity health needs assessments for St Guy's and St Thomas' Charity, evaluating community and specialist weight management interventions for NHS Tower Hamlets and NHS Lambeth, developing obesity strategies for NHS Barking and Dagenham and developing and delivering obesity training programmes.

Hannah also has a keen interest in knowledge management and was key to developing the innovative learning tools on the HealthKnowledge website.