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Activity 1


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Concepts of Health and Illness: Activity 1



Activity 1 -  Exploring sociological explanations of social phenomenon

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Explanation of:

Naturalistic / 'common-sense' explanation

Sociological explanation


It is only natural that a man and woman should live together for life because they fall in love and want to raise children.

Monogamy is only one form of marriage. Although it is predominant in Western societies, other societies may adopt other forms.Marital patterns also depend on economic and social factors. The suitability of a marriage partner may be seen as dependent upon their class and social status. In different historical periods, the importance of marriage varies.

Women's role

It is important that the woman should be at home to raise her children because this fulfils the maternal instinct and the child's need for a mother.




People who are poor are so because they do not want to work, come from 'problem families' and cannot budget properly.




The most individual of all acts committed by a person of unsound mind.




Adapted from Bilton et al (eds) (1996) Introductory Sociology Macmillan.


Answers to Activity 1


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