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Health Information Frameworks


Divide Data sources either by:

1.  Population Data

  • Census
  • Births & Deaths register
  • ONS longitudinal survey
  • Public Health common data set


 2.  Health Events

  • Death certificate
  • HES
  • Korner data
  • GP data (EMIS)
  • PACT data
  • Registers (cancer, malformations, etc.)


 3.  Population Based Surveys

  • General household survey, National Health survey, Food survey
    (these are patchy and often incomplete)



OR by : 


 1.  Mortality

 2.  Morbidity

  • Hospital (HES and regional data)
  • Primary Care
  • Registers - cancer, malformations etc.

 3.  Surveys - done regularly such as the National Health Survey or one-off
      OPCS Disability Survey (85 & 95)


 4.  Research - literature via medline

 5.  Non-NHS sources such as fire, police other registers


A bit about each of these sources with their advantages and disadvantages would be helpful to know. Most of the detail of this is in Donaldson & Donaldson.